Cruise Planning Questionnaire

    Vehicle(s) required:
    Name of ship for ROV ops:
    Ch Sci:
Bob Vrijenhoek
7700 Sandholdt Rd.
Moss Landing, CA 95039
    POC / contact info:
Departure port & date:03/12/2005
    Distance to first station:
    Number of stations:
    Distance between stations:
    Total days on station:
Arrival port & date:04/06/2005
Op area:Southern East Pacific Rise
Depth range:2400-2700
    Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country?
    Which country?
    Are visas or special travel documents required?

Funding agency:

Grant or contract number: OCE0241643

    Science objectives/activities planned:
Primary objectives of the proposed research are to explore a poorly known global region that might provide historical or present-day connections between major biogeographical provinces in the deep-sea. Biological specimens will be collected with Alvin and preserved on board Atlantis for molecular and morphological studies that will be conducted at home-based laboratories. Population genetic analyses will focus on assessing genetic diversity and geographical structure, and on estimating modes of dispersal and rates of gene flow within species. Continuing systematic studies will focus on development of robust multi-gene phylogenies for the animal and associated microbes that dominate vents.

Operations include: Alvin dives; use of Niskin water bottles, suction sampler; collection of macro-invertebrates, deployment and recovery of crab traps, tube cores.

WHOI shipboard scientific instrumentation desired:
Fume Hood
Deionized Water SystemChest Freezer
-70 Deg Freezer
Walk-In Cooler

Is nighttime work anticipated on this cruise? No

    Critical MET sensors:
    Critical CTD sensors:

Do you need Seabeam? (AT and KN only) Yes

Long baseline (LBL) transponder navigation? Yes No. of xpndrs/nets: 5
Ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation? Yes
Doppler/GPS navigation?

Will you be using portable science vans? No How many:

Science Van #1
Science Van #2
Science Van #3

Anticipated standard oceanographic cable use:

Instrument Weight(s)
Maximum Depth
    Conducting hydro
    Steel hydro
    Steel trawl
    .681" fiber optic
    Do you require slip rings?
Number of conductors:
    Do you need non-standard wire?
If so, what type?
    Do you need a traction winch?
Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers equipment over the side?

If yes, please provide details:
Will there be special requirements for:

    Electrical power
    Equipment handling
    Inter/intraship communications
    Science stowage

If yes to any of the above, please identify: Laboratory gear has been stowed in Atlantis prior to departure from San Diego in January 2005.

Will any of the following items be used on board?

    Explosive devices
    Portable air compressors
    Flammable gases
    Isotope van

Will hazardous material be used aboard, or deployed by an ROV? Yes

What measures or plans have been made a) in the event of a spill, and b) for the removal and/or disposal of these materials at the completion of the cruise?
Critical specimens and associated chemicals will be removed when we depart the ship at Easter island. We are bringin our own dry-ice maker and CO2 cylinders. We request leaving the bulk of scientific samples aboard the ship to be off-loaded when Atlantis returns to the first N. American port. These will include materials stored in the -70 C freezers, materials preserved in 70% ethanol, and materials stored in 10% formalin solution.