Cruise Planning Questionnaire

    Vehicle(s) required:
    Name of ship for ROV ops:
    Ch Sci:
Bruce Keafer
MS 32
Redfield 3-30
    POC / contact info:
Departure port & date:Woods Hole
    Distance to first station:
5-12 hours
    Number of stations:
    Distance between stations:
10 nautical miles
    Total days on station:
Arrival port & date:Woods Hole
Op area:Gulf of Maine to Bay of Fundy and northern flank of Georges Bank
Lat/Lon:Mass Bay and areas northeast to Bay of Fundy-42 00.0’N 70 30.0’W; Georges Basin-42 00.0’N 66 00.0W; Bay of Fundy - 45 00.0’N 65 30.0’W
Depth range:0-300m
    Will the vessel be operating within 200 NM of a foreign country?
    Which country?
    Are visas or special travel documents required?

Funding agency:

Grant or contract number: will supply

    Science objectives/activities planned:
An important management tool for red tides or toxic Alexandrium blooms in the Gulf of Maine region has been a numerical model of bloom dynamics developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). The model is initiated from a map of Alexandrium cyst abundance in Gulf of Maine bottom sediments. Past studies have shown that the abundance of these cysts varies dramatically year-to-year, and that the cyst abundance measured during the fall one year is a first-order predictor of the regional bloom magnitude in the next year.

Specific tasks for this cruise include:
1)Collection of Sediment Cores for enumeration of Alexandrium fundyense cysts in the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy.

2) Collection of suspended cyst samples from the Benthic Nepheloid Layer just off the northern flank of Georges Bank (Georges and Franklin Basins)

WHOI shipboard scientific instrumentation desired:
    12 kHz bathymetry system
ADCP - 75 KHz
    3.5 kHz bathymetry system
ADCP - 150 KHzFume hood
Deionized water systemChest freezer (OC and KN only)
CTD/rosette system-70 deg freezer

Is nighttime work anticipated on this cruise? Yes

    Critical MET sensors:
normal sensors that are routinely onboard
    Critical CTD sensors:
normal sensors C, T, P, Fluor, transmissometer is critcal

Do you need Seabeam? (AT and KN only)

Long baseline (LBL) transponder navigation? No. of xpndrs/nets:
Ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation?
Doppler/GPS navigation? Yes

Will you be using portable science vans? No How many:

Science Van #1
Science Van #2
Science Van #3

Anticipated standard oceanographic cable use:

Instrument Weight(s)
Maximum Depth
    Conducting hydro
CTD, Corer, Van Veen grab
Corer -250lbs Grab - 200lbs
    Steel hydro
    Steel trawl
    .681" fiber optic
    Do you require slip rings?
YesNumber of conductors:
    Do you need non-standard wire?
NoIf so, what type?
    Do you need a traction winch?
Will you be bringing any equipment (winches, blocks, etc.) that lowers equipment over the side? No

If yes, please provide details: Will supply overboarding procedure for Craib Corer and Van Veen grab sampler--done many times on the Oceanus.

Basically it is the same as for the CTD using 2 tuggers, tag lines with poles for recovery.

Both the Corer, Grab sampler and the CTD will be sharing the CTD conducting wire. They need to be switched at various times during the cruise.

The Corer and Grab sampler do not need electrical transmission of data and power up/down the wire.
Will there be special requirements for:

    Electrical power
    Equipment handling
    Inter/intraship communications
    Science stowage

If yes to any of the above, please identify:

Will any of the following items be used on board?

    Explosive devices
    Portable air compressors
    Flammable gases
    Isotope van

Will hazardous material be used aboard, or deployed by an ROV? Yes

What measures or plans have been made a) in the event of a spill, and b) for the removal and/or disposal of these materials at the completion of the cruise?
The Wetlab will be used as our main Core processing area because of the available sink and hood.

a) will provide portable spill kit and use WHOI provided spill kit--all chemicals will be confined to the Hood in the WetLab.

b) we request a small space in a wire basket on the O1 deck to secure one plastic 5gal container of waste 5% formalin. The waste will be removed upon return to the dock.