Voyage - Leg:AT 15-19
Voyage Dates:3 July - 17 July, 2007
Chief Sci(s):David Valentine (Valentine)
Address: Department of Earth Science
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Phone:(805) 893-2973
Cruise Objective:Primary Scientific Objectives: SEEPS: Submarine Exploration and Evaluation of Petroleum Seeps (NSF CAREER)

Objective 1: Close the methane budget for gas vents ranging from shallow to deep. Activities in support of this objective include sediment coring (Alvin push cores), gas collection (Alvin - gas collectors sci), water sampling (Alvin - niskins), in-situ gas detection (Alvin - in-situ mass spectrometer sci), collection of microbial mats (Alvin slurp), radiotracer rate measurements (Atlantis), and Sediment Geochemistry (Atlantis). Several vents will be targeted (known and suspected) and 1-2 dives will be dedicated to each location. (Alvin operations). Some exploration involved.

Objective 2: Tracking the gas plume and associated microbial activity arising from the Coal Oil Point seep field. Activities in support of this objective include CTD/Rosette sampling, towing of an in-situ mass spectrometer (tow-yo, surface tows and depth profiling), radiotracer based rate measurements (Isotope van), concentration analyses of gases (shipboard by GC), and collection of samples for molecular biological analyses.

Objective 3: Determine the distribution of tar in continental shelf sediments down-plume from the coal oil point seep field. This will be done from the Atlantis by taking transects of box cores in a grid pattern over an area of ~ 300 square km. (night ops, box coring, Atlantis).

Objective 4: collection of bulk sediment samples for analysis of microbial and viral community dynamics, especially as related to methane. Cores will be collected from several locations including around the study sites, near the center of the Santa Barbara Basin.

Other Objectives

Objective 5: Collection of a box core(s) near the entrance to San Francisco Bay for analysis of lead content.

Objective 6: This cruise is funded through the NSF CAREER program and as such will involve a number of graduate and undergraduate students from UC Santa Barbara as part of the educational component of the award. All students will be involved in the scientific aspects of the research.

Other important factors:

ABE has been requested as part of this cruise, but the approval status is not known at this time. Should ABE be approved, night ops will involve ABE deployments and recovery in addition to coring, towing and hydrocast operations. (ABE will not be used 3/9 EC)

Due to the proximity to the PI’s laboratory, the PI would like to leave an option open for transfer of material or personnel to or from shore during the cruise.

Radioisotope usage is planned (tritium and 14C), involving investigators from UCSB and USC. PI has initiated discussion with radiation safety at UCSB regarding transport of stock material to San Diego and transport of samples back to UCSB.

The in-situ mass spectrometer system belongs to Rich Camilli (WHOI) and he should be involved in discussion regarding compatibility and testing.

I am still working out dive targets. I have some tentative sites lined up, but I am working to get more details. Most of the sites will fall in the Santa Barbara Basin, at depth ranging from ~ 50 m to 550 m. I am planning for a couple sites out of the basin at depths of ~ 1000 m and 1500 m (one off Los Angeles and one off Santa Cruz island).
Science Activities:
Operations Area:Site T-1: 33 deg  47'56.9615 and  lon 118 deg 38'48.8616"
This site is a mud volcano off Los Angeles and has been dove on by MBARI and cored by USGS.  It is at ~ 815 m depth and is close (~ 1 nm)  to the shipping lane.  Could we drop in and ascend a bit further off, with a bottom transit?

Site T-4: lat 33 deg 49'52.00" and lon 118 deg 25'40
This site is in a submarine canyon at ~ 220 m depth located ~2 nm from shore and 3 nm from the shipping lane.  There is a private small boat harbor nearby.

Site T-5:  This site covers a line from lat 34 deg 22'30''  and lon 119 deg 51'20'' to    lat 34 deg 21'53''  and lon 119 deg 49'40'' The nearest end of this line is located 2 nm from a sea floor "tent" and 3 nm from platform Holly.  This is part of the Coal Oil Point seep field and is located at ~65-81 m water depth.

Site T-6: This site will lie somewhere along a depth contour between lat 34 deg 15' 45" lon 119 deg 54' 30" and lat 34 deg 20.0' lon 119 deg 58' 30"
This site is near the shipping lane.  Previous work here by MBARI was 1 nm from shipping lane, and I am going over geophysics to find suitable targets further away along the contour indicated.

Site T-7: lat 34 deg 12'47.88" and lon 119 deg 40'14.52"
This site is located ~ 2.5 nm from the shipping lane in ~120m water depth.

Site T-10: This site covers the 500 m depth contour from lat 34 deg 09' 21"  lon 119 deg 59' 30"  to lat 34 deg 09' 0"  lon 120 deg 06' 0"
This site is near the shipping lane.  Previous work here by MBARI was 1 nm from shipping lane, and I am going over geophysics to find suitable targets further away along the contour indicated.

Site T (11-13):  in the vicinity between three sites: (T-11) lat  33 deg 54'3.97" and lon 119 deg 40'6.23"  (T-12)  lat 33 deg 48'23.02" and lon  119 deg 31'28.12"  (T-13)  lat 33 deg 31'29.34"  and lon 119 deg 17'17.38"
This site is at the base of a ridge and is near (but not too near) a old chemical munitions dumping area.  I am still trying to optimize to a single dive target (thus three provided).

Site T-15: In the area around lat 34 deg 20'34" lon 121 deg  6'16"
This site is in the floor of a canyon.

General Dive Issues:
My original plan had been to go from San Diego to sites off LA, then to the Santa Barbara Channel area.  This makes sense for gas consumption, time constraints etc...  However, this puts us off LA on our nations birthday, and smack between Catalina Island and several private yacht clubs.  Therefore it may be best to go up to Santa Barbara area first, and come back to the LA area around the 9th once festivities have died down a bit.  I'd like to get some opinions on this.  Once I know which sites are clear and how we should order things, I will get a day-by-day plan drawn up (though I anticipate changes). (RSC via EC 6/18/07)
SSSG Tech:
Departure Port:San Diego, CA
Agent:Agent:Master R/V Atlantis
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Paxton, Shreve & Hays Inc.
2191 Main St.
San Diego, CA 92113

Contact: Tom Jenkins
tel. (619) 232-8941
fax: (619) 232-3006
telex: 6731029 SHREVE SDG
Arrival Port:San Francisco, CA
Agent: Master R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Vasile Tudoran Transport
819 Ohio Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90804

Contact: Vasile Tudoran
Phone: (562) 882-5590
Fax: (562) 434-9800

Use above address for mail only; must be delivered five days prior to ship arrival in San Francisco.

For all packages and larger items, send directly to our subagent in the San Francisco area:

R/V Ship Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Marine Express, Inc.
2900 Main St.
Alameda, CA 94501

Contact: Randy Ash
Phone: (510) 523-8900
Fax: (510) 523-6466
Installed Scientific Equipment:ADCP 75 kHz
CTD - 23X10L seapoint, sbe43, flurometer, transmissometer
LADCP not needed (3/9 EC)
Milli-Q water 20L/day
Fume Hood
Freezer (-70)
Walk-in Fridge
Walk-in Freezer
Dredge (5/31 JD)
WHOI-Provided Science Tools:Isotope Van
Gravity Corer
Box Corer
Push Cores (24) (3/9 EC)
Slurp Guns
Low Temp probe (added 3/9 EC)
Heat flow probe (added 3/9 EC)
Niskins rack of 5, 1L(added 3/9 EC)
Search Sonar to detect bubble plumes (added 3/9 EC)
Homer probes (2) (added 3/9 EC)
Program-Provided Science Tools:Alvin gas collectors non pressurized (sci)
Insitu Mass Spec on Alvin and/or towed (Rich Camilli); details: 24VDC (3 amps peak, 1 amp normal), comms (3-wire, RS232), 2 more wires required for loop-back for reset, location: science basket, air and water weight still unknown (RSB 4/6)

Pore Water Equilibrate sampler for use with Alvin (sci) (added 3/9 EC)
Shipboard Equipment/Nav:
Other Requirements:Other equipment: Coring in shallow water will require functional dynamic positioning.
PI requests small boat ops for sampling of gas in surface sw and personnel transfers near shore. sampling.
Potential for AUV. (not needed 3/9 EC)

Transponders may be needed for deeper sites (added 3/9 EC)

Additions 3/9 EC:
-CTD for Night-ops, 2-3 night, 30-40 total for cruise
-cores (box & gravity), 2-3 night, 30-40 total for cruise
-sci party will have 15 gas cylinders. 2 N tanks will be set up near isotope van
-Isotope van: need SW flow for incubations
Tech support: coring (box and gravity), CTD/ADCP.(not needed 3/9 EC)

Science party plans to load all gear in SD on July 2. Rathburn will load gear in SD on July 1st.(added 3/9 EC)
Notes:Night Ops: CTD and coring
PI requests to take several cores at the entrance to SF bay at the end of the cruise.
Education Outreach component: send seafloor footage back to shore not real time (3/9 EC)

You can find cruise plans, site charts, berthing plans and Isotope SWAB Report the following ftp site (JD 7/6)

Navy Clearance Status:Granted 06/26/07:
WITHIN 2 NM RADIUS OF 34-22N 119-50W DURING PERIOD 040700Z THRU 090100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 2 NM RADIUS OF 34-13N 119-40W DURING PERIOD 040700Z THRU 090100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 34-12N 119-38W DURING PERIOD 050700Z THRU 090100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 34-10N 119-59W DURING PERIOD 060700Z THRU 090100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 34-15N 119-56W DURING PERIOD 070700Z THRU 090100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 33-48N 118-39W DURING PERIOD 090700Z THRU 130100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 33-50N 118-26W DURING PERIOD 090700Z THRU 130100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 3 NM RADIUS OF 33-48N 119-31W DURING PERIOD 110700Z THRU 130100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 2 NM RADIUS OF 34-22N 119-50W DURING PERIOD 130700Z THRU 160100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 2 NM RADIUS OF 34-13N 119-40W DURING PERIOD 130700Z THRU 160100Z JUL 07
WITHIN 1 NM RADIUS OF 34-21N 121-08W DURING PERIOD 140700Z THRU 170100Z JUL 07

Granted 07/05/07:
WITHIN 2 NM RADIUS OF 33-46.25N 119-59.00W DURING PERIOD 070700Z THRU 170100Z JUL 07
Last Modified: 07/06/2007

Check List:Required?Comments
US Customs FormNo
Explosives ClearanceNo
Isotope Use ApprovalYesSubmitted 3/9/07
Diplomatic ClearanceNo
SCUBA DivingNo